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Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin certainly knows a thing or t

£121.37 £394.89

NET-A-PORTER Fashion Director Lisa Aiken can travel two to t

£125.88 £325.85

Packing can be tricky at the best of times but CALPAK's vani

£127.93 £337.99

CALPAK's set comes with a carry-on, medium and large suitcas

£124.22 £405.84

Crash Baggage figure that the last thing you want to worry a

£117.56 £325.91

Crash Baggage's 'Icon Cabin' suitcase is sure to be the cool

£104.57 £357.84

Available in so many colors and sizes, Crash Baggage's 'Icon

£112.65 £385.80

"What's the first thing we think about when we buy a new sui

£119.09 £381.80

Between the eye-catching silver hue and pre-dented exterior,

£118.32 £386.95

Crash Baggage's hardshell suitcase ensures your belongings a

£107.32 £378.83

Crash Baggage's suitcases are designed to be 'handled withou

£121.74 £364.85

Crash Baggage's Francesco Pavia was tired of buying new suit

£107.43 £324.94

You needn't worry about mixing up this Crash Baggage 'Icon'

£119.34 £405.95

Crash Baggage's suitcase is intentionally dented to create a

£111.84 £391.88

This 'Icon Mini' pouch is made from the same durable hardshe

£102.11 £337.00

Crash Baggage's mini 'Icon' pouch allows you to easily acces

£126.91 £389.82

Globe-Trotter's 'Centenary' vanity case has been handcrafted

£130.64 £381.91

To prove just how strong and durable they are, Globe-Trotter

£101.04 £346.91

Globe-Trotter's distinguished client list features some of t

£129.24 £374.84

Described as the world's most famous suitcases, Globe-Trotte

£121.22 £329.97

Virgil Abloh believes that streetwear is an art movement, an

£119.78 £353.88

Paravel's trio of bags is all you'll need for short trips. M

£126.14 £328.82

Paravel's weekend bag is made from a spill and stain-proof c

£130.74 £352.80

Paravel's mini 'Main Line Duffel' bag is perfect for overnig

£117.24 £358.90

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